Yellow and black Microspeak digital recorder with large red record button and blue play/pause, fast forward/rewind and volume buttons.

Microspeak Digital Recorder

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The Micro-Speak Plus (2nd Generation) is a portable digital voice recorder that combines smart design with ease of use and high quality performance at a great price. Micro-Speak Plus has many useful features including specifically designed software that provides spoken prompts and beeps to assist Blind, low-vision, and visually impaired users. Specifically designed software provides spoken prompts and beeps to assist blind and low-vision users, including battery level, recording, and file deletion. Large tactile function buttons: Record, Play/Pause, Next, Previous, and Volume Control provide easy control. The two line LCD display makes reading easier for simple navigation and track information.

It has 8GB of built in memory which allows you 96 hours of high quality recording time. The Micro-Speak Plus enables you to record with the simple press of a button and then playback your recording immediately through its built-in speaker. Or plug in your favorite standard 3.5mm headphones for personal listening (headphones not included). High Definition recordings are created in an uncompressed WAV format which will ensure impressive results for unlimited speaking and listening activities (Recording Format: High definition WAV, 192kbps, 48kHz sample rate).

The Micro-Speak Plus can also assist you with practicing a new language, hearing your pronunciation and how well you enunciate when speaking, why you could even record instructions to card games or other fun activities. This digital voice recorder is wonderful for quick notes and reminders, phone numbers and addresses, recording meetings, lectures, prescription instructions, or even doctor visits. The Micro-Speak Plus is a unique and easy to use portable recording device.

Other features include:
  • Support for playback of MP3 and WAV audio formats.
  • Micro USB Port for audio file downloads and uploads via a PC and Mac (cable included.)
  • Rechargeable Battery. Recharge using Micro USB Port and included AC adapter.
Size: 4.1" x 2.4" x 1"